Masterclasses & Workshops

As part of the programme, delegates will be able choose from one of the following specialist sessions, which will run concurrently between 2.15 – 3.45pm (room locations TBC).

Can’t make it to the full day of the conference? Then you can simply book to attend one of these workshops. Book a place here. £30 per person per session.

Funding ideas lab
Current and forthcoming funding opportunities and streams will be presented and explored within this workshop. The session is aimed at individuals and organizations, both within industry and the academy, interested in engaging in new collaborations in the creation of and research into Live Cinema Production. Facilitated by the King’s Cultural Institute who specialise in the brokering and management of partnerships between King’s College London and international cultural organisations, this session aims to foster new ideas for collaborative funding applications to take forwards after the conference.  We invite participants to bring their own project ideas and knowledge of current funding priorities for further development during this workshop.

Intellectual Property (IP) & Licensing Master class
The creation and delivery of Live Cinema experiences pose specific challenges to producers, creative, studios and distributors since they can include reinterpretations of the original text (such as soundtrack re-scoring) and the use of existing Intellectual Property (such as costumes, props and characters) in immersive cinema performances. This master class will be delivered by IP experts and lawyers specializing in media rights, in conversation with representatives from the Live Cinema industry who are involved in the commissioning and delivery of new and innovative live cinema experiences as they attempt to grapple this emergent creative landscape.   We invite participants from all relevant academic disciplines to come and engage in this session alongside producers and other creatives interested in learning how to address specific Live Cinema IP challenges.

Audience Development & Marketing Masterclass
This Masterclass is intended for producers, artists and other creatives who are currently engaged in the design and development of live and immersive experiences.  Developing an effective communication strategy and building an audience for these novel – often hybrid – cultural experiences poses a number of complex challenges.   The wrong communication strategy can lead to audience disappointment, disengagement and bad publicity or lead to low participation rates.   Developing a committed, delighted, engaged and satisfied audience is critical for the sustainable development of these innovative forms.
Led by experienced practitioners in this emergent field, this Masterclass will afford a close engagement with strategies of marketing, communication and branding alongside tactics and techniques for audience development and engagement.  Participants will leave with practical guidance and support for their own practices.

Training, Development & Education Workshop
As the Live Cinema economy develops and expands, new employment opportunities emerge – and it becomes clear that there are new skills and aptitudes required to support this area. This is a challenge for those currently working in the field who may require further training and development to meet new challenges as they emerge but it is also a challenge for education and development establishments to consider what new curricula need to be in place to provide the creative, skilled and talented workforce to foster the ongoing development of these novel cultural forms.  This workshop is aimed at a mixed audience of current creative practitioners, creative producers and educators, curriculum designers and training providers to identify and develop education, skills training needs to nurture and sustain this emergent field.  This session will be facilitated by expert training providers. Participants will be collaborating in the development of new templates for curricula design and training programmes.