Exhibition Innovation Fund Awards ‘The Unfilmables’

Live Cinema Limited

As announced in Screen Daily, Live Cinema UK has been awarded funding from the This Way Up Exhibition Innovation Fund, alongside innovative exhibition projects from Dogwoof, Curzon Artiifical Eye and Sheffield Doc/Fest.


The list of ‘greatest films you’ll never get to see’ is endless, incorporating such lost gems as Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune, Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon and Roman Polanski’s Waiting For Godot. The Unfilmables will rescue abandoned film projects from obscurity, and re-create them through a calibration of live soundtrack and artists’ visual and physical interpretation, commissioning musicians and sound artists to create scores for films such as these which were never fully realised, working with visual and performance artists to fully create a conceptual world steeped in artistry, invention and creative ambition.


Produced by Colm McAuliffe and Lisa Brook of Live Cinema UK in  partnership with HOME Mcr and CineCity Brighton, a five date UK tour will take place in Spring 2017. Artists to be announced. Venues interesting in hosting the final shows should contact lisa@livecinema.org.uk.


Supported by This Way Up Exhibition Innovation Fund, a partner of the BFI Film Audience