Live Cinema III: The ReOpening Full Schedule

So much has changed since we announced Live Cinema III: Festival of Research and Innovation.

At the time – we highlighted the diverse range of forms in the multi-faceted field of live cinema: experimental expanded cinema, the global live-casting of theatrical, cultural and entertainment events and live performance during film screenings – indeed any instance of the live augmentation of screen spectatorship. We described the new chimeras of contemporary live screen experience, like Netflix’s purchase of their first physical cinema venue and partnership with UK based organisation Secret Cinema on an immersive experience based around the series ‘Stranger Things.’ We pointed to these moments of format and platform convergence as symptomatic of the enduring significance of collective viewing experiences, which underscore the need for their continued production and study despite the predominance of individualised and isolated screen experiences perpetuated by the streaming revolution. Now, of course, this need is even more pronounced thanks to vastly reduced opportunities for significant collective viewing experiences in a streaming-only situation. At the time of writing Disney+ is inviting its US subscribers to pay an additional $29.99 to watch ‘Mulan’ on-demand, with its release in UK cinemas still uncertain.

The original dates for Live Cinema III passed while we were all under lockdown, just as the plans for so many live events have evaporated in 2020. As we celebrate the reopening of independent cinemas in September, it seems like a good moment to take stock. Research and development innovations in screen spectatorship haven’t stopped during this period; they’ve shifted in focus and techniques. The creative sector is by nature imaginative and by necessity adaptable. But this is taken for granted, with freelancers and small organisations put under immense pressure by current circumstances.

In response to these challenges, we invite you to join us for Live Cinema III: The ReOpening.

This is a free online event to reflect on the impact of the lockdown on the live and immersive sectors. It will take place in the afternoon on Monday 14 September and all day on Tuesday 15 September, offering online workshops, discussion panels and screenings. Find out more about our panellists, speakers and artists here. To book your place head to Eventbrite.